Liberation Centered Energy Medicine

Syre Saniyah Liberation Reiki Master

Micah Saniyah Reiki Level II Practitioner

Liberation Reiki is a healing approach that honors the traditional foundation of Usui Reiki, integrates the evolution of Reiki as expressed in the Usui/Holy Fire Reiki tradition and centers decolonized healing practices that prioritize social justice and reclaim healing and pleasure as birthrights. Liberation Reiki is at its core an intersectional feminist healing approach centering the healing of BIPOC and Queer folx. 

Liberation Reiki invites deep healing of soul wounds that reside within the energy body. Understanding and addressing the impact of systemic oppression, racial trauma, transphobia, and homophobia on the energy body is central to this practice. Liberation Reiki is about Reiki as Resistance. 

Liberation Reiki can be scheduled as a stand alone modality or as a part of your Liberation Coaching program.