Towards the Embodiment of Radical Pleasure and Liberatory Healing

As a Liberation Coach, my goal is to help folx feel free. Free in their mind, body, heart, and spirit.  Liberation Coaching can help you reconnect with your inherent power. To find and use your voice. To move unapologetically in accordance with your Will. Together we will uncover what is happening in the mind, body, and spirit and you will learn tools to reclaim power and sovereignty in your life. Using holistic, pleasure centered approaches to healing, I create custom programs to support my fellow travelers toward the embodiment of radical pleasure, freedom and liberatory healing. I specialize in working with those traditionally marginalized by society including BIPOC, Queer and Trans/GNC, Polyamorous/Non-monagomous and Kinky folx.

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Making the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do. We may not know where to start or what we need, but know that we want to feel more empowered, free, and liberated while centering a pleasure centered approach. After years working as a licensed psychologist, yoga teacher, and energy worker themes that presented themselves over and over again were the pursuit of freedom, pleasure, and liberation.

Enter Liberation Coaching. I collaborate with clients to co-create a program that best addresses their goals by sharing knowledge, skills, resources, and healing modalities like yoga, breathwork, emotional support and Reiki. Liberation Coaching helps clients reclaim self sovereignty, paving the way towards both personal and collective liberation! 



“Our radical imagination is a tool for decolonization, for reclaiming our right to shape our lived reality.” 

    -Adrienne Maree Brown

What is your path to Liberation? Liberation Coaching can help you move towards healing, expansiveness, and sovereignty.  Our programs are intentionally custom designed so that clients find meaningful and actionable takeaways. Explore some of the tools of liberation below that can be included in your program. Learn More About Working With Me




I have been lucky enough to have On̄i help guide me on my journey for the last seven years. I have been regularly impressed by the depth of her wisdom, as well as how practically she is able to translate that wisdom to everyday life. She helps me to gain continual insight into the patterns and practices that cause my suffering and how I can re-assert my own agency in life. As a person who has sometimes struggled to find practitioners who are knowledgeable about my multiple marginalizations, On̄i has proved time and time again to be a reliable and trustworthy person with whom I can show up as my full self. Having such a space has helped me to feel more personally liberated and to discern how I can be of best service for the collective liberation of us all. On̄i never diminishes the impact that oppressive structures have on our lives, but she also helps clients to find grounding, meaning, and joy despite the conditions that we're living in, which has opened up space in my life that feels free. 


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